Terragrams Re-Launch

Terragrams is a podcast series that originally ran from 2006 to 2009. Over that time, the series interviewed a number of prominent landscape architects, and other professionals, at a time when notions of landscape and urbanism were becoming more prominent in design discourse and more evident in design practice.


In recent years, the Terragrams site and feed had gone offline. While a number of newer podcasts have continued the focus on landscape and landscape architecture, the original Terragrams dispatches offer a unique look at what was a pivotal time for the discipline and for the practice of the interviewees.

I worked with Craig Verzone, the host and producer, to redesign the Terragrams site and to re-edit the series. The focus of both efforts was to categorise the different discussion segments within each episode as chapters and to collect visual material and reference links that would supplement the audio with further context. Those links and images can be viewed at each episode’s online listing/player as well as in the show art and show notes sections of most podcast clients.


The ‘visual chapter art’, along with captions and links, on Terragrams.’ online episode player View larger.


The chapters, as they appear during playback in the Apple Podcasts app. View larger.

The original episodes are being rebroadcast one-by-one over the course of 2020 and 2021. You can listen online at terragrams.com or subscribe on Apple or Google podcasts.

The template developed the Terragrams website is available on Github and employs the Zola static site engine.