About Philip Belesky

I build tools that help design and construct the urban landscape.

I live in Melbourne/Naarm and work as the Head of Product for Plato, where we make next-generation tools for data-driven builders.

Across my career I've worked in the tech industry, in architectural practice, and in academia.

Within the tech industry, I've been a full-stack developer at mature and emerging start-ups. I like to work at the front-end and develop interfaces that realize product strategy, provide seamless experiences, and maintain fluid performance.

In architectural practice, I've been a consulting computational designer and the technical lead of McGregor Coxall's CoDe team. My work developed interactive simulations of how urban landscapes perform and enabled internal or external stakeholders to make better design decisions.

As an academic, my research worked between mapping as a way of understanding environmental systems and procedural generation as a means of forming design action. After completing my PhD thesis, I worked at RMIT University as a Lecturer in the Landscape Architecture Discipline and acted as the Program Manager of its MLA degree .

You can get in touch by shooting me an email.