About Philip Belesky

I am a designer, developer, and educator who likes to work on tools for mapping and modelling.

I work at McGregor Coxall as the Computational Design Technical Lead. This position sits within the Biourbanism Lab — a research and development unit focused on intensifying urban resilience through data-driven modelling and design research.

As an academic, my research worked between mapping as a way of understanding environmental systems and procedural generation as a means of forming design action.

My PhD was completed as part of the Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory and the Office of Urban Transformation Research. After completing my thesis, I worked at RMIT University as a Lecturer in the Landscape Architecture Discipline and acted as the Program Manager of its MLA degree .

I've also worked as a developer a various tech companies, as a consulting computational designer, and as a sessional academic. Before moving to Melbourne, I completed a MLA , a BAS, and a BA at Victoria University of Wellington.

You can get in touch by shooting me an email. A list of my publications is available on ORCID, and many of my projects are on GitHub.